Free Apps to Start your Home Based Business

Free Apps to Start your Home Based Business

We all know the reasons we choose to start our business from home. One of the biggest reason is that we have a limited budget (some times no budget). But we have a great idea that we know can make us some money or better yet make us successful. So here are some Free Apps that you can start your business off with..

Express Accounts


Express Accounts is a professional business accounting software that is perfect for small business needing to document and reporton incoming and outgoing cash flow including sales, receipts, payments and purchases. The software is Free for small businesses with less than five (5) employees and it does not expire.

Some Features of the Software:

Sales and Accounts Receivables

  • Track sales and accounts receivable
  • Automatically record recurring orders and invoices
  • Accounts receivable & reports update as invoices are paid
  • Generate professional quotes, sales orders and invoices


Financial Analysis and Reports

  • Easily generate over 20 essential financial reports at any time
  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss statement) shows how your business has performed
  • Balance Sheet shows your current assets and liabilities
  • Analyze sales by customer, salesperson or item
  • Financial reports help prepare your tax returns quickly


Accounts Payable

  • Manage accounts payable and pay bills
  • Track outgoing payment and purchasing transactions
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Create and print checks

Bitrix24 Social Intranet


Bitirix24 is an online social collaboration software with provides your Team with CRM, communication and management tools. This software might as well be one of your most important tool in organizing your business. It provides an easy to use CRM tool to track the different processes for your clients and customers. It has tools to set and track tasks for the different persons in the business. It has an Activity Stream (similar to the News Feed on Facebook) where all the changes and new additions to the intranet can be seen.

Some Features of Bitrix24:


Chat & Video

  • Desktop App
  • Group Chat
  • Instant Messenger
  • Mobile Messenger
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • Web Phone Calls



  • Access Rights and Roles in CRM
  • Business Processes in the CRM
  • Integration with the Website
  • Calls to Clients
  • Customer Relationship Management base
  • Emails to Clients
  • Invoices Inside the CRM
  • Mobile CRM
  • Reports and Sales Funnel



  • Checklist
  • Counters and Roles
  • Employee Workload Management in Tasks
  • Extranet
  • Gantt Chart
  • Project Managements and Tasks
  • Report Builder
  • Tasks Reports
  • Workgroups

Microsoft Office Online


Office Online provides you with Microsoft’s productive tools such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneDrive and more all online and for Free! You will be able to create, edit and share Office documents. This online bundle by Microsoft is perfect if you don’t have the Office programs installed on your computer. The OneDrive cloud storage offered comes with a desktop software that makes it possible tosynchronize files between your computer and your online storage without any extra work on your part (isn’t that great?!)


With Office Online you are able to:

  • Create and share Office documents
  • Store, open, and share online files
  • Send and receive email
  • Maintain an online calendar
  • Manage your contacts list

To use Office Online you will need to sign in with your Microsoft Account which is the email you use to sign in to Microsoft services like and it does not have to be a Microsoft email. To create a new Microsoft account, click here

Once you’re signed in, the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and notebooks you create in the Office Online programs are stored in your OneDrive (formerly called SkyDrive). You can share them via link and work on them with other people. In the Office Online programs, you can work together at the same time and see each other’s changes immediately.

You can also open these online documents in the Office programs you have installed on your computer, and work on them while they’re stored in your OneDrive.



Evernote is a suite of software and services that allow users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms. With Evernote you will be able to write down your ideas and plans on any device (laptop, desktop, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and more) and it will be synced to all of your devices that you have Evernote installed on. I find it very useful when an idea hit me and I just pull up my BlackBerry and enter it. I also use Evernote to take notes in meetings and to write and store all my Blog posts 🙂


You can use Evernote..

  • For research and Class Notes -an entrepreneur never stops learning ;)-
  • For client and sales meetings
  • To stay in-sync with your desktop notes, web clips and files
  • To snap photos of whiteboards and business cards
  • To help you stay organized
  • To record quick memos



With TeamViewer you will be able to keep online meetings, presentations and remote control computers over the Internet. This software is perfect to have if you have to collaborate with your team that also work from their home or to host an online presentation of your business products and services.


With this Software you will be able to:

  • Host and join meetings
  • Host online presentations
  • Video Conferencing
  • Share files over the Internet
  • Record meeting sessions and trainings
  • Remote control Computers
  • Send files to remote computers
  • Colloborate Online on documents in real time
  • Access your office computer from home

If you travel around a lot you will like the fact you can do most of this from your Mobile Phone! You can download this software on your Android, Apple and BlackBerry Devices.



Of course I could not leave out Skype! Most persons will already know about Skype but its a great software to use for your home business. Skype allows you to collaborate with your team, share screens and share files. Most importantly it lets you communicate with your clients in a convenient matter. It saves you and your client time and expenses in traveling to meet with each other. The ease of downloading and installing this software makes it a great software to use for communicating with your clients. Most computers and mobile devices comes with Skype pre-installed so it widely known and trusted.


With Skype you can:

  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients
  • Video and voice chat
  • Share screen and files
  • Make phone calls at low rate
  • Use on a wide variety of devices

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