Setting up OneDrive on your Desktop

Setting up OneDrive on your Desktop

For us Entrepreneurs and Business persons who create and edit tons of documents, losing even one is a nightmare. Well now you can rest assure knowing that there is a cloud storage that can automatically backup your files online the second you save it. You will also be able to share your files with other persons or even the public.

I will take you through the Step by Step process of making your life easier

Setting up your Microsoft account

If you don’t have a Microsoft account as yet or you want to create a new one, then follow the steps below. If not move to the next section.
  1. Go to Microsoft website sign up page (
  2. Fill out form (You may choose to use an existing email address or create a new MSN email)
  3. Click Create Account

Downloading and setting up OneDrive Desktop app

1. Go to OneDrive website (
2. At the bottom left of the page click Get OneDrive apps
3. Under OneDrive click the Download Now Button
4. Click Run
5. Click Get Started
6. Sign in with your credentials
7. Click Next to save to default location or Change to use a different storage folder
8. Click Next
9. Check the box at the bottom and click Done

You can now save your files and folders in your OneDrive folder on your computer and all information will be backed up online in your OneDrive account which you can access from any device and browser. If you have any question please leave a comment.

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