Why Your Business Don’t Need an Instagram Page

Why Your Business Don’t Need an Instagram Page

Businesses tend to flock social media networks in an effort to increase their online presence and benefit from the cheap advertising offered by them. It’s very important for businesses to have an online presence in these times. There are many social media websites out there that can do well for your business. Some of the top ones include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Instagram came on the scene in 2010 and started to trend which cause it to have over 300 million active users per month. Because of these numbers many businesses have been setting up pages to take advantage of the traffic. Based on studies, the businesses that benefits most from Instagram are those that are already established and has the resources to create new images daily. These companies are just looking to be in their customers eyes at all time.

For small businesses with limited resources and cannot afford to hire a social media specialist or contract a company to do it for them should not look at Instagram as a medium to attract new customers. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where you can simply post a sentence and interact with your followers, on Instagram you have to post eye catching visuals for your post to be effective. This can take a lot of time out of your days and it will still not give you the returns that you expect.

So should you completely avoid Instagram?

Well of course not! Instagram is still a great platform to build or enhance your brand. Instagram has also updated their business pages to make it possible for you to put short ads out for your followers or target market to see. This type of marketing is more effective on Instagram than the other major social media platforms. This is because of the distraction free feed that Instagram provides. Seeing that Instagram is all about visual post, businesses can use this to showcase their visual portfolio and their creative works.

Who should really look to get an Instagram Page?

So from what I notice about the contents on Instagram, it should be mostly used by photographers and graphic artists. These professionals can get the most out of Instagram because their work already includes designing images. All they have to do is upload ;). Food and catering business will also benefit from Instagram by simply taking eye catching photos and uploading them. But for businesses like software development and other technical services, Instagram will be a waste of your time that you could spend working.

So as a start up or small business, don’t go and rush to get an Instagram. Put your time and energy in growing the business by getting clients. After your business is stable and you can get a social media specialist, you can look to having an Instagram Page for your business.

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