Is WhatsApp Targeting Business Users?

Is WhatsApp Targeting Business Users?

Over the last 5 years, WhatsApp have taken the lead over every other Instant Messaging (IM) Application… including the Blackberry Messenger (BBM). But what did the minds behind WhatsApp do to capture more than 1 billion mobile users? (Source:

The thing that WhatsApp did right and is still doing right is making communication simple and easy. No matter which device you are on or where in the world you are. For someone in business, this service is “Gold”. Even though BBM is a very secured IM, it failed to implement cross-platform communication early enough. What I really like about WhatsApp too is the ease of adding a contact.. it’s so simple anyone can do it… assuming you know to use a phone :D. The Privacy settings in WhatsApp keeps improving which is making it a safer app to use as time goes. But is WhatsApp a good tool for Business Users?

The Features WhatsApp is Offering to Business Users


Ease of Communication


So the first feature we looked at already is the ease of adding contacts and communicating with them. Even though this was the case from the beginning of WhatsApp, it is still the reason why the app is still taking over the market. Out of the many IMs in the market the WhatsApp IM is clearly not a fad. It is one of the most effective communication application in the market and that is not going anywhere soon. To add a contact to WhatsApp is basically adding a contact to your phone. Once that contact has WhatsApp on their device they automatically appear on your WhatsApp contact list. The reason why WhatsApp is so effective for Business users, is that the application is similar to the famous SMS but its free as long as you have an Internet connection. The IM is also very lightweight which makes it fast and when it comes to communicating in business, thats just how we like it.



Security is something anyone in business values. It is the reason we spend a lot of money on surveillance systems, security guards, good anti-virus software and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Systems. Business professionals don’t want to know that there is a chance their data or documents or communication will fall in the wrong hands. We know that this can jeopardize our business, which can lead to complete shutdown in extreme cases. WhatsApp knows how critical this is and has recently implemented the End-to-End Encryption feature which basically encrypts your communication that leaves your device and decrypts it once it reaches the intended receiver. These communications are not even available on the WhatsApp servers. This feature was critical for the business community and it shows that WhatsApp is working to fully capture this market.


WhatsApp End to End Encryption

Document Sharing


Another great feature that WhatsApp released was the ability to share documents. Before WhatsApp implemented this feature most of us shared documents mostly through email. Now with this feature implemented in WhatsApp it is being used frequently by business users, even though it will never replace actual emailing. But for quickly sharing a report with a partner or client.. or getting quick feedbacks from colleagues or even close friends, it is a very effective way to share attachments. The beauty about this feature too, is that the receiver don’t need to have a tool on their device to open the documents because that is integrated in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp on Desktop 


Having WhatsApp on your mobile device was one thing, but being able to continue communication on your desktop just made it even better. Most of us uses our desktop or laptop to conduct our business and continuously going from computer to phone can sometimes cause us to lose focus. The desktop version of WhatsApp is a perfect tool to continue communicating in WhatsApp without taking your eyes off the computer screen. The notifications that pop-up on the monitor also gives you an indication of how important or urgent that last message was so you don’t have to stop what your are doing to reply. The desktop tool is also secure, as you have to confirm connection by scanning the Barcode with your device that WhatsApp is already installed on. If your phone should be turned off or not connected to the Internet then the desktop version will not work either.  But none-the-less it has made our communication even easier.

We are yet to see the other upgrades that will be coming out for the application in the future that will make our business communication even easier. But as it is WhatsApp is a great tool for business communication and we should really take advantage of its powerful tools to increase our chances of success in our business.

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