How To Get Excited About Each Day

How To Get Excited About Each Day

You ever thought of the day you jumped out of bed early or couldn’t sleep because you were anticipating something great the following day? What if you could have this feeling everyday, where everyday felt like a great day? These are the days we wake up without an alarm… we jump out of bed because our activities for the day was way more exciting than sleeping. Most of all we had something to look forward to and thats the real reason we were so excited. What if we can take this excitement and direct it to achieving our life goals and dreams? Imagine if you couldn’t sleep or you keep jumping out of bed because you were working towards your goals. I believe this is how we have to feel each day to really become successful. But how can we do this?

Find Your Passion


You might hear this a lot but you wont succeed unless you are doing something you love! You can’t get excited about a day knowing that you are not chasing the dream that is burning inside of you. You won’t get excited going to a job that makes you sick. You won’t get exited about getting up out of bed not knowing what you are really doing. You have to find your passion. I wont go too much into finding your passion as thats an article by it self, but think about something that makes you happy and you can see yourself doing it for the rest of your life. Think forward to the day you are retired.. what would you want the world to remember you for? It is important that you find your passion in life and stick to it no matter what.


Set an Ultimate Goal 


This might sound simple, but it really isn’t. This is not where you say you want to get a sports car or a big house or acquire any single possession. This is where you truly look into yourself all the way to childhood if necessary and think about a life you always wanted. This ultimate goal should not be a one time thing. It should be something that you have to keep achieving. For example it could be Earn at least $1,000,000 from Investments each year. The beauty about goals like this is that it is reoccurring, so even if next year you made $1m from investments you have to do it the following year so you always have something working towards. But if you were to set a goal of buying a Ferrari and you achieve that next year… then what? So ensure that your ultimate goal is one that keeps you going for the rest of your life.

Set Daily Tasks


You ever thought of the reason why we play video games or sports and what gets us excited each time? It’s not the fact that we can crash a car 100 MPH in a wall and still continue driving. It has to do with the small achievements we unlock each time we complete a single task. As human beings, we naturally want to accomplish something and keep getting better. This can be done by setting daily goals. Daily goals give us something to accomplish each day and that gets us excited about the day because we have something to look forward to. But don’t just get up and start setting daily goals.. there is a reason why this is third in the line-up. Your Daily goals should actually be in-line with your ultimate goal. Not everything in your daily goals will be directly related to your ultimate goal though but they should not be distracting you or jeopardizing your chance of achieving your ultimate goal. For someone who is currently working in a job, you could set up task that are related to work so that you can keep focus. For example, run receivables report at 8:30am… send email to debtors who are behind in payments at 9:00 and so on. It might seem simple but it is very effective. And each time you complete a task tick it off as that seems to also have an effect on us, as it gives us the feeling of achievement.

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Create a Daily Routine


This is a bit different from our Daily tasks, because this is something that we will do everyday while our daily tasks tend to change. Setting a daily task will take sometime as this is something that you will be doing everyday… preferable right after waking up and right before bed. Theses takes don’t have to be difficult tasks… these tasks are really to improve our consistency and focus. Example of a daily routine could be: waking up at 6:30 every morning and plan your day and reading 30 minutes right before bed. It should also be connected to your ultimate goal since this is something you will be doing everyday. Daily routines are very effective as it changes habits and attitude toward our life. So if you are someone that has to jump out of bed and rush to get ready, then a daily routine of waking up an hour earlier than usual will change your habit and you will find that the rest of your day seems to be more relaxed. Because rushing each morning actually sets your mood for the rest of the day and you will find that you get really anxious and easily lose focus on the tasks at hand.

Achieving success will never be easy. In most cases you have to change something about yourself… you have to think differently at times. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you have to train your mind everyday. if you want to be a successful footballer, you have to exercise and practice daily. There is no shortcut in achieving greatness. It takes hardwork. There is a saying that “Nothing Great ever Comes Easy”.

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