Why Maths Lovers Are More Likely To Succeed

Why Maths Lovers Are More Likely To Succeed

I believe mathematics is the most hated subject that is taught in schools. It most times has the highest failure rate and the least in student attendance. But why does maths seems so difficult compare to all the other subjects? Because it requires thinking. Most of the other subjects that are taught in schools don’t necessarily requires us to think as much as we do with maths. Most of these subjects, students tend to just read or swat to pass their exams. Maths is different though, because it requires application… it requires us to analyze the problem in order to solve for the answer. But why is this subject so critical to the success of a person?

Maths Makes Us Think

It is really scary that the average human hates to work their brain. The brain is one of the most valuable things we have and we tend to waste it’s abilities. Mathematics is a type of language that lets us analyze a problem and forces us to use the most appropriate method to solve for the answer. In most cases it is never straight-forward so we have to dig deep in our mind. This subject gives us the opportunity to think more than we do in any other subject. And not surprisingly… the more we challenge our mind is the smarter we become. Continuously doing an area of maths we most times find shorter ways of getting the answers which proves that maths expands the mind.

It Teaches Problem Solving Skills

This world is full of problems and that is not going away anytime soon. We need persons who can see a problem, analyze the problem and solve the problem. Maths is all about solving problems. Sometimes we even refer to the questions as problems. Algebra is probably the most important aspect of maths as it is used in almost every other aspect of our life. Knowing how to solve problems is critical for a person to succeed. If you are an entrepreneur you are already solving a problem, because you chose to start a new venture to fill a gap in the market or to provide a product or service that is missing. Entrepreneurs are required to be solving problems daily, as we most times go into the waters not knowing how to swim. We have to make critical decisions everyday in order to stay in business. For persons who has a job, you have to solve customer problems everyday and it’s evident that the employee who comes up with new ideas and ways of addressing a problem usually gets promoted. Why? Because these skills are rare in today’s world. The employees are usually irreplaceable and the employer will do anything to keep them.

Maths Challenge Us


Martin Luther King Jr said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. We face challenges in our life everyday that we must overcome in order to be happy. We sometimes have financial challenges, health challenges, family challenges.. you name it. But we have to think of ways to overcome these situations and although maths cant solve some of these challenges you actually learn vital skills from it that does help you. Maths makes us determine to solve for the answer… we tend to not stop until we find the solution. Most students who give up on maths usually settles in life also. They don’t push for what they really want in life because it seems too difficult. Maths also teaches us to relax in tense situations because you know that there is an answer and it only requires you to analyze and solve for it.

It is very important we change our mindset of maths. It is a very critical subject to achieve your full potential in life. If you are currently failing maths, look deep within yourself and see what the issue is and work on it. And in most cases. students that are good at maths usually passes all their other subjects, because once we can think every other subject gets easy. Maths requires us to think and solve problems and that skill is what leads many persons to success in their careers and personal lives.

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