What To Look For When Buying A Laptop

What To Look For When Buying A Laptop

In today’s society we are bombarded with so much information. We tend to have a hard time processing the ones that are actually necessary. This is most time the case when we are looking for gadgets and electronics that has many variations. So, you are ready to purchase a laptop so you went on the Internet to see which one is worth your hard earned money. You end up becoming frustrated because many are slight different in features and prices. It happens to many of us… whether we are shopping for a phone, car, TV, speakers, you name it. But it is fairly simple to find a laptop that best suits you. What should you look for?

It Should be in Your Budget


It might be obvious but many of us get carried away looking at features and not paying attention to the price of the laptop. To ease the effort in finding a good laptop first filter for laptops that are in your price range. If you use websites such as Ebay, Best Buy or Amazon this should be fairly simple to do. The benefit of doing this is that it limits your choices and the amount of information which usually causes information overload.

Decide on the Purpose of the Laptop


So now that you have limit your choices, you need to decide on the purpose of the laptop. You can have up to 3 purposes but you should decide on which is the most important. This means that any laptop that cannot satisfy this purpose will be dropped from the list and you will have no need to do additional research.  The main purpose for a sales person would be for the laptop to be used to present pitches to potential customers. From the main purpose you can decide what features are important. So for this sales person, long battery life will be important. So now you can eliminate laptops that doesn’t have long battery life. The other features that this sales person will need are a light weight laptop for traveling around and a fast processor to present the information.

Don’t Get Overwhelm with Specs


Most of these laptop manufacturers knows how to catch your attention. They use big numbers because we tend to think the “bigger the better”. Comparing specifications of a laptop might be easy for someone in IT but it might be a difficult task for the general population. What we should try to do here is benchmark or use a base in figuring out what the difference in numbers can do. For someone looking for a fast laptop to run applications such as Dreamweaver or simulators then you will need to concentrate on the processing speed. Personally I tend to stick to Intel processors because of the reliability and quality. So for Intel processors you will look for the quad-core processors when you are looking for speed. A quad core is basically 4 cores running in one processor. So a 2GHz quad core processor will be faster than a 3GHz dual core processor assuming that the program can use multi-core processing.

If you do a lot of multi-tasking or use programs such as Photoshop or After Effects and other movie or photo editors then you will pay attention to RAM specs. Generally most manufactures tend to only show the size of the RAM. You will see some showing 2GB, 4GB and so on. Although the size of the RAM is important too because it determine the number of processes that can be running simultaneously, you also need to consider the speed. If you are a hardcore multi-tasker or editor then a 8GB RAM with a speed of 1600MHz will be good enough for you.

If you deal with a lot of videos or movies then hard drive space will be important to you.Most Laptops are coming equip with Solid State Drives (SSD) which is a high speed storage drive. These are very costly and should not necessarily be considered when large storage space is required. For persons working with a lot of videos, a 1TB to 2TB will be necessary as videos tend to “eat up space” pretty quickly. You could also consider buying external drives if these laptops are hard to find in your price range. hard drive speed is important when it comes on to transferring files to and from laptop to another storage. A good range is between 7200 RPM to 10000 RPM.

Most of the other features are really additions and should be considered based on budget. For example, camera quality for doing video chats, speaker quality, etc. If you follow this process it will be easier for you to choose a laptop you will be happy with. One thing to remember, once you think you find the right laptop, search for the reviews as this will give you some indications to whether getting the laptop is worth it. If you are still confused when trying to find a good laptop, feel free to leave a comment below and you will get the help you require.

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