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Creating An Effective Financial Forecast for a Start-Up

As entrepreneurs, we know that planning a startup is a tedious task. This is even harder with little to no capital to do effective research. But for the success of


Why Maths Lovers Are More Likely To Succeed

I believe mathematics is the most hated subject that is taught in schools. It most times has the highest failure rate and the least in student attendance. But why does


How To Get Excited About Each Day

You ever thought of the day you jumped out of bed early or couldn’t sleep because you were anticipating something great the following day? What if you could have this feeling everyday,

Business Software Technology

Is WhatsApp Targeting Business Users?

Over the last 5 years, WhatsApp have taken the lead over every other Instant Messaging (IM) Application… including the Blackberry Messenger (BBM). But what did the minds behind WhatsApp do


Why All Businesses should have a Website

If you are running a business and don’t have a website, you are missing out on the power of having an online presence. More and more customers are surfing the web


Exercising and Entrepreneurship

Earlier I talked about Sleeping and Entrepreneurship and how it is important to get enough rest each day. Well keeping your body fit and in shape can benefit you in


Why Your Business Don’t Need an Instagram Page

Businesses tend to flock social media networks in an effort to increase their online presence and benefit from the cheap advertising offered by them. It’s very important for businesses to


Registering Your Business in Jamaica

Registering your business in Jamaica has been getting easier over the years. Jamaica now ranks 20th in the world for starting a business (up from 34th in 2014) and this


Sleep and Entrepreneurship

Are you sleeping less that 6 hours a night to work on your business? Congrats on your dedication to your business but you aren’t doing your health any good. Starting

Business Software Tutorials

Setting up OneDrive on your Desktop

For us Entrepreneurs and Business persons who create and edit tons of documents, losing even one is a nightmare. Well now you can rest assure knowing that there is a